Since the beginning of time, there have always been families and individuals who cannot make ends meet financially. Zhampagge, LLC is a divine-inspired business with a focus on helping the least of these—those who cannot seem to escape the cycle of poverty and those who never thought they would experience it.

Zhampagge, LLC’s mission is to put the spotlight on families and individuals in the U.S. who need a hand up to reestablish their well-being or to put themselves on the path of being self sufficient for the first time.

When you purchase Zhampagge, send us your order number and the name, address, and story of a needy family or individual or the name of a local cause that assists the needs of persons. Periodically, we will choose a needy family or individual or a local cause in the United States to spotlight on our Facebook page and to give a monetary donation. So, when you purchase this revolutionary organizer bag, you are doing good in the neighborhood!

The creator of Zhampagge, LaQuita Taylor Phillips, works in public service as a government attorney, has inspired and mentored individuals from different walks of life, and served in her local missionary society for a number of years.